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Roller Coaster Tycoon 1

Warning : I do not have control over these link, keep in mind that exe files could contain virus/malware. Check these files using an anti-virus before usage (like “virus total” online).

To play the game on windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, you can buy the GOG version.

- To edit scenario (and unlock all rides for a specific map, and other stuff), use RCT Save Game Modifier from Tom Robinson :
(Local backup:
Start the map, save immediately the game, and edit the saved game. Works with GOG version (RCT Delux).

sha256sum of my version of the zip file :

6d89f35066568b75593d04e95448d9dd8d3fe1aa28219b5d8abf958b65718194 *

- To get 1920×1200 resolution support (or other high res), use the GOG provided fixed exec :
Extract archive, rename RCT.exe to RCT2.exe, copy past this file in main RCT directory, launch the game one time, start a map, configure to be windowed (with a poor resolution, like 800×600), quit the game, then restart it, it should be windowed. Just expand the window and you are done. Scrolling does not work anymore, so use right click to move over the map. Enjoy the performances of this beautiful 2D engine. Note : Windows 8-8.1-10 does not like this fix a lot, when exiting the game, you may encounter bugs with windows, wait few seconds or restart the computer to fix this.

sha256sum of my version of the zip file :

900645929fd6c9c83b8faf62d3d2d63526abedda5f6b2c949b6e6944c4ad5345 *

I keep a copy of these files, if link are down, do not hesitate to contact me.

Civilization IV (4)

A very good beginner strategic guide to understand some game mechanism, like corporate or specialists: civ_iv_basic_strategy_guide-5.0.pdf