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About this website

The author

Name is Benoît Leveugle. I have design this website to log part of my HPC related work (and other things) and share it. I hope it will help you “find your way out”.
I try to maintain this web site up to date with good information, but there might be some issue or deprecated information. I am not responsible for bad-usage or damage resulting of the use of any information present on this website, user assume responsibility.

My git hub, still young:


All media on this web site not from another author (so made by me) are under CC BY 4.0.
All source codes and texts on this web site not from another author (so made by me) are under GPLv3.

To contact me

Note: mail address is split on 2 rings, to protect from bots. Merge both rings to get my mail :-)

The Web Site

The new version is based on Dokuwiki engine (Release 2018-04-22a “Greebo”), which is easier to maintain.

Previous one was fully homemade, using HTML, CSS, and hands. I made a generator in Fortran 90 to help me with redundant things. You can check the sources here SGV6.f90.

Web site current Version : 2.1.0

Version Notes
2.1.0 - Update to dokuwiki Greebo, reorganize content
2.0.6 - Big content update
2.0.5 - Engine update
2.0.4 - SOE corrections and php adjustments
2.0.3 - Security update
2.0.2 - SOE corrections
2.0.1 - Security update
2.0 - Code rewrite, interface change, more “updatable”
1.0.1 - Structure modification to meet new requirements (added System at top level)
1.0 - New website, based on dokuwiki
- Modified interface and menu bar for dokuwiki
0.4 beta4 - Bottom page links now go somewhere
- Added undervolting
- Bugs with div-br corrected
0.4 beta3 - Corrected many grammatical errors
- Strucure menu is now automaticaly generated
0.4 beta2 - New page structure design
- Dropped support for old browsers, the pages are still possible to be read
0.4 beta1 - New design to be used on all support
- Clear source code and CSS
- Code highlighting
0.3.3 → 0.3.4 - Automatically generated “Page Structure”
0.3.2 → 0.3.3 - Fill MPI section
- Fill OpenMP section
0.3.1 → 0.3.2 - Correct minor things in plain text
- Finish HDF5 section
- Reorganise Libraries section
- Better Bug Fix in menu for Chrome/IE10 browsers
0.3.0 → 0.3.1 - Bug Fix in menu for Chrome/IE10 browsers
- Intermediate pages now have automatically generated menu
- Section More (WebSites, About)
- Minor changes in theme