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Images manipulation

Image Magick

All commands and related arguments (you can do everything with it) :
Usage examples can be found here :
Note : convert allow one file at a time work, mogrify do the same for multiple files.

Examples :

To convert all png into this folder to jpg :

mogrify -format jpg *.png

To crop all png files in this folder to 300×300 pixels area with an offset of 200 and 90, and change brightness by 55 and contrast by 95 :

mogrify -crop 300x300+200+90 -brightness-contrast 55x95 *.png

Convert pdf to jpg :

convert file.pdf file.jpg

This will create a JPEG for every single page of the original document. If you want to improve the quality :

convert -colorspace RGB -interlace none -density 300x300 -quality 100 file.pdf file.jpg

Raw with Gimp

To open raw files : install package gimp-ufraw.


Excellent website on gnuplot :


Paraview, is one of the best rendering software. It support a lot of input format, can be used in parallel, can load monstrous files, with exotic grids. It can be coupled with Blender to enhance rendering.

The versions available on the web site are fully static, which means they can be download, extract and run without any installation.

Activating the antialiasing on Microsoft Windows or Linux, for much better rendering. Requires an Nvidia or ATI card. Go to the control panel of your Card Manufacturer (In Control Panel on Microsoft Windows or in System settings on your Linux desktop environment). Look for Applications settings. Add a new rule, select /myinstallfolder/bin/paraview on Linux or /myinstallfolder/bin/paraview.exe on Microsft Windows. Choose next “Override application Settings”, and then activate Antialisazing and Aliotropic filters. Save, quit, and restart Paraview. See the difference!

I suggest not activating these parameter when simply preparing the rendering, and activating them only when the scenes to be render are ready, to preserve your Graphic Card and performances.