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Power data

Note: on this page, all small cable colored symbols are from Marekich, (SVG illustration inspired by PNG image by Baran Ivo),

Geographical information

Common plugs

Power Supply differs from a country to another. Most information can be found (free of charge) on the International Electro technical Commission for common plugs:

Cable color


European Union (EU), Argentina, Australia, South Africa
Australia, New Zealand,,
United States, Canada,


Canada (mandatory),,
Canada (isolated three-phase installations)
European Union (inc. UK) and all countries who use European CENELEC standards, Hong Kong, Singapore,
Older European,
UK (old), Hong Kong (old), South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore (old) (South Africa may be white),,
India, Pakistan,
Former USSR (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan), China (dark green),
United States (120/208/240 V),,,
United States (alternate, 277/480 V),
Brazil NA
Australia, New Zealand (recommended here, but may be any colors other than green, yellow, stripped green/yellow, black, blue),,,

Couplers data sheet