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Cooling data


Water is generally 16°c in and 20°c out for air cooling. Some site still use low temperature water, between 6°c to 12°c, but this often result with condensation and energy losses.
Warm water is generally 40°c in and 50-60°c out for direct water cooling equipments.

Water specs:

FormulaeMelting pointBoiling pointHeat CapacityViscosityDensityElectrical conductivity (pure water at 25°c)
H2O0.00°C (32.00°F; 273.15K)100°C (212°F; 373K)4.1818 J/(g·K)8.90×10−4 Pa·s998.2 kg/m30.055 µS/cm


Correspondence table between country units:


In french, but easy to use even for english with small translation :


Ethylene glycol

Ethylene glycol is wildly used in industry.

Ethylene glycol is harmful and should be manipulated with care. Note that it’s “sugar” taste makes it attractive, and so, dangerous for children and animals.

FormulaeMelting pointBoiling pointViscosityDensityFlags
C2H6O2−12.9°C(8.8°F; 260.2 K)197.3°C(387.1°F; 470.4 K)1.61 × 10−2 N*s / m21.1132 g/cm³

Propylene glycol

FormulaeMelting pointBoiling pointViscosityDensityFlags
C3H8O2−59°C(−74°F; 214 K)188.2°C(370.8°F; 461.3 K)0.042 Pa·s1.036 g/cm³




All informations and charts are provided here :

Detailed chart :